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Weak on topic but Great on Friendship and togetherness! I liked the message!
Loved your dialog. Big Momma and Miss Lucy will be friends in heaven.
What a sweet story! You really touched my heart with your piece about Miss Lucy. I hope she got to finish her church.
I just LOVED this story - your characters truly came alive, and the whole project absolutely charmed me.

For some reason, I assumed the narrator was a girl and was a touch jarred when I found out it was a little boy. Not a huge deal, but figured I'd mention it anyway :)

Great descriptions.
I believe this article is right ON topic. If this doesn't represent the church, what does? We have too narrow an opinion about what constitutes the church, and any article that brings a message like this to the forefront is clearly talking about God's church and not man's puny idea of church.
Very nice story. Your title drew me in:) Love the characters and the message!
Nice job on the writing and the story.
What a wonderful message in the story. Great dialogue and vivid descriptions.
Strong dialogue! Loved your characters. Funny I also assumed the child to be a girl! It's great to know that "colour" doesn't matter in heaven!
Tremendous ending (and the other parts were good, too!)
Tim, congratulations on your 3rd place entry!
Congratulations on your EC. This is a beautiful story. Your characters were so real. Great job.
This is how I want to write when I grow up! I love the voice - Eloquent doesn't begin to describe. Excellent work. Congrats on your EC!
I was drawn here by your interview, which I really enjoyed. This is a wonderful little story. The dialogue makes the characters so real, and the ending is just right. Congratulations on a well-deserved placing.
Beautiful story, wonderfully written! Y'all done good! :)
Wow, Tim. You really captured a slice of life with a great message. I could really feel and hear this one in my mind. Excellent writing and a well deserved EC.