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Great Poem that teaches us to fight discouragement by living life as if for 'an audience of One!" Merry Christmas!
Poetry is great, message is great, and I took something home with me...that is what matters most. Kudos!
What a neat message, told in a delightful way. Stumbled in a couple places, but nothing major. Enjoyed this.
This lovely poem is a haunting comment on the way the church fails to even see the needs of the lonely, or to feel the lack of connection on Sunday morning. It's a good thing we have ways to connect with the Lord; He will always desire a relationship that is more than artificially surface.
Well done. A sad commentary but you ended it with such hope and fortitude. Good writing.
You have such a beautiful way with words to convey your message. I know what you mean; hopefully it doesn't happen too often, but I've attended unfamiliar churches and decided I must be invisible! (Those congregations don't realize what they're missing, do they! :)

Thank you for reading and leaving a comment on my "Good News Alphabet." When I first thought of the idea, I did have a verse for each letter, except Q, X, and Z. But, in my youth I was lazy and didn't always learn the reference. So, for the article, I did have to "look up" quite a bit for accuracy, plus a search for those hard letters (^&^).
WOW - Lots of emotion here. You take your reader right into your heart - what a journey! The sad commentary on "church" is so very hard. I have to wonder how many times this kind of thing plays out in reality (sigh) but you've made it oh-so-personal here. Your private worship and praise is inspiring!
Clap! clap! wonderful,written well, a move of God and it shows he is in you.
Unfortunately, this is too often true in the church. It's really sad, but we need that communal worship as well as the personal in our lives! Powerfully done!