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An enlightening story on History, however was looking for something on the topic, The Church - but perhaps this body of people could be called the Church...thanks for sharing.
Very descriptive and engaging. I knew very little of this treatment - I am very glad I read this and learned. Keep writing!
I can't say this was wonderful reading because it wasn't. Sorry. Its so disturbing, especially at the end hearing that it happened in the U.S. It upset me so much because of the great writing, putting me right there with the men's suffering. This is something I would now like to research, too. I've read many Amish novels but have never read up on their history. Thank you so much for sharing how the Amish church was persecuted for their faith. I think it is right on topic. Persecution is what made our churches grow. Great job.
How ironic that Daniel suffered for his faith and heritage much as did the Jewish people of Europe. The lion's share of pain on our planet stems from darkness in the human heart. And isn't that what the church and the season are all about? Jesus alone is the cure for this darkness. Excellent writing and very much on topic.
I've told you of my lifelong interest in the Amish so this was an especially good read for me. The COs did indeed suffer at the hands of undisciplined and angry soldiers in much the same way the Japanese Americans who were interred were treated in World War 2. My definition of a church is "where two or three are gathered together in my name." This group of believers shared the Word and participated in singing which makes them a church in the finest New Testament tradition. Wonderful. though heartbreaking, story!
What a sad, shocking story. You presented it very clearly. Great writing.
Oh my, I had NO idea! Thanks for this stark piece of writing, and for this man's honest voice. Great job, Dee!
Wow, what wonderful writing!
Every American needs to read this account!
Not every one is gifted to write as this. Bringing to the forefront what most of us would rather shun and in such a manner that it enlightens rather than revulses us.
Not everyone could write as you have...not everyone should. Calling out those things hidden in the darknes only helps identify who we are so that we might better undestand ourselves and seek to change for the better. Well done!
Wow. I never knew about this. (I'm not a big history fan) but this was very interesting to read. The descriptions, the sorrow, the hope. Wow. Excellent job.
A wonderfully well done glimpse into what, I hope, is the past. The story held me right through to the end. Excellent story-telling.
I did not know about this. What an eye opener. This was a challenging read because your descriptions are so vivid and because I didn't know this happened in the USA. This is definitely one I won't forget.
Thanks so much for sharing this piece of history. I grew up in the Church of the Brethren, which is also a C.O. church. I had a friend who was thrown in jail for refusing to register.

I agree with an earlier commenter -- your writing put us right in the middle of this very disturbing scene. The prisoner POV was excellent. Good job.
Your story captivated me from the first sentence to the last. I learned alot about history that I didn't know before. Well done my friend.
Wow, you packed a whole lotta punch into a short number of words. AMAZING entry.