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Don't know why this entry brought tears to my eyes...but it did. I guess because of the togetherness, the "sliding to Home" atmostphere of it all, and the love that surrounds this part of your Church's activity. Super writing, by the way - and great Title. An enjoyable and delightful read.
Enjoyed this - I especially LOVED the paragraph that began "Why does it not matter..."
Great analogies, and you really gave me the feel for what it's like to play on the church softball team.
What a beautiful analogy to the way the church should operate. Cheer each other on, root for the underdog, be happy and content with each other's abilities, and stay together through wins and losses! Wonderful.
Great job! I like that your ball league is one little piece of the Church.
Beautifully written. One of my favs. Sounds like a wonderful church. God bless you all.
Having played on our church softball team, I could totally relate to your well-written story. Loved it.
A wholsome look on ball+church. This is a nice twist and a good way to see things. I liked the end with "Let's play ball". Great job!

My only note, this piece seemed awkward, is a word missing?
"play so mean business"
Super analogy.