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Wow! What an entry! and...What an exit! The writer of this one has a very creative mind, with super characters! Well written, entertaining read and made an excellent point! Enjoyed the read immensely! Good job!
Brilliant - really enjoyed this well written amusing piece. Absolutely Great. Thanks so much.
Cute and clever. Betcha had fun writing this one! You definitely gave me quite the giggle!
Ha! We'd all like to "personalize" our churches sometimes; at least I would! (Maybe not to the extent your MC wanted to, however!) You chose a unique and humorous voice to get your message across to the reader.
This made me laugh, especially toward the end when he wants to keep his tithes for upkeep on the pew he has to buy...and several other places.

I wondered if these two fellows were brothers, just friends...would have liked some clarification there. Other than that--lots of fun and a great, humorous way of making your point.
This was hilarious very fun to read and yet I am forced to consider my own "requirements" I have when choosing a new church.
Great way to get yor message across.
Totally enjoyable. At the same time, true to life. It reflects, if not the actions, the attitude of some people. Nicely done.