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This was a very true-to-life entry. Very good on describing what a home group meeting can be like.
Honest writing. Great job, I could identify with your MC. God bless.
Your last paragraph, especially, is quite poignant. A very good read.
How can we support each other and pray for each other's troubles if we don't open up and be honest? A good story with realistic dialogue and characters.
Your protagonist was flawed, but we are on her side--you've done a great job of writing her and the conflict of this story.

FYI--"emerged", not "immerged".

I love the irony in the title.
There is something about this that reminds me of looking at the sliver in one person's eye while ignoring the giant 2x4 in your own. Very well put together. I'd love to see this expanded. You have several good messages being subtely told here.
A great reminder that we cannot do it without God. Great writing!
Wow. She sure laid the pressure on for perfection here. You captured this very well. The last paragraph really packs the punch. This was great!
You've created a bit of all our us in Ellen. Great story.
God's 'perfect' ways are so much higher than our 'perfect' ways! It's always amazing to me how He works everything together for good.
Very Authentic--the characterization and the dialog. The lesson was there, without preaching, and it had a great flow to it. Great job!
The voice of this piece, and the message you give us is wonderful. There is such truth and wisdom in this story. Well done.
I agree with the others, but especially like the final two sentences. We are too often scripted in what we say and do. "Going off on a tangent" isn't always a bad thing.
I really loved the MC in this, because we have all been there, but probably not as honest about it..that spirit of pride is ugly and so human... great writing... good title... Dianne