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Awesome story! Awe-some!!! I really like the Frank n stein title, too. Very, very good! If I were wearing a hat, my hat would go off to you:)
Your title drew me in; I am married to Frank Stein and he has been teased his whole life with his name (his mother didn't realize what she'd done until he was 3 days old as his formal name is Franciscus!) I am also lovingly referred to as the bride of Frankenstein. Liked your piece!
Clever and funny! I like poor Frank's name, and it would be fun to tell people where you were going that night for home group, wouldn't it?
Title drew me in - I loved the story...
Great story.
Enjoyable story, and it pokes fun at the overly-developed sense of drama many of us writers have. :)
Congratulations Sue!! Wow!!! Dancing for you... doesn't God have weird timing? Glad to see you smiling again. Angel
Heehee! This was hilarious. I was all drawn into the whole 'creepy thing' with the title and the creaky house-lol. You had me going all the way to the end, love the last lines! ^_^

***Congrats on your highly commended!***
What fun and exceptional creativity!! Love the orange box across from the title. Congrats Sue!!!
This story has me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Great job. Bravo!
Oop. I meant "had" me on the edge of my seat.
Too much fun... I was waiting for the twist at the end and wasn't disappointed :)
I loved this!
What an enjoyable tale! Well done and congrats. :) Love, Cat
Lots of fun! Congratulations!
Oh, Sue - this is CLASSIC PQ! I absolutely loved it. I SO wish I'd gotten to it before the all-clear, or it would be "dazzling" as well. ;) Don't stop entering, girl!
Congratulations! You were soooo very close to placing. I told you this was good, didn't I? The very first one to say it! LOL! What good taste I have! Keep on writing! As I said the first time -- AWESOME job!