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A wonderful lesson, disguised as a Bible study group! Well done!

It's more usual to reserve the use of italics (without quotes) for people's thoughts, and use plain text (with quotes) for speech. The italics-and-quotes combination confused me for a bit.

This was moving and sweet.
I could relate to this woman having a son in the Navy. Very nice. Thank you for sharing!
Very poignant and moving.

I found all the italics distracting, but it could just be me.

A wonderful message.
Your story is a neat lesson in giving back to God the children He blesses us with. I enjoyed this.
This was good! The italics had me a little confused, I thought it was Millie's thoughts. The last line, I think was the best with Lena surrendering. It was great.
Only the Lord knows how many children have been KEPT from fulfilling God's mission for their lives by Christian parents who wouldn't let go. What you have so well shared is a vital message for all parents. Good job.