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I can tell this is close to your heart. What an awful experience. I'm sure this was a therapeutic write, and that it will bless and convict others.
I commend you for writing on such a painful subject AND for showing that it is possible to be hurt at church and still go back to another. So many would have given up on church altogether. Lord, help "Larry" before he hurts anyone else.
It's a painful thing when a brother or sister in the Lord falls. We seem to always be hurting each other with our sins. You wrote honestly about this time in your life. I'm glad to know God has given you another church home that is healthy.
God can somehow use dificult circumstances. Your heart-rending story is very well written.
Honest, stark writing. Communicated your point well. God bless.
Horrible experience, wonderfully written. Great metaphors - like the porcupine quills.
Told in a frank, simple narrative style that really fits the difficult subject matter. And you had some really great images--the freight train and the porcupine come to mind.
Even good things (lessons learned) can come from bad things. I LOVED the image of shooting quills! Hugs!
Loved your opening line. This is such a, (I hesitate to say 'tragic') bittersweet tale. You told the story well, I'm glad that even though they went through all of that, they made it. Your title made sense afterwards. Great job.
Aww, I too have been through those oh-so-hard times in churches when you hurt so much, but grow so much as well.
Wow... That was so sad, but written well. I understand the bristling quills part, and I pray that the first wife and their children have allowed God to grow them through this terrible occurrance.