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You really showed us Candace's heart--this was very well-written and touching.

I'd have liked to see her name mentioned in the first paragraph; I was thrown a bit by the feminine pronoun in one sentence, followed by "Robert" in the next.

I really like your title, and well, everything about this great story!
Well written and described. Many can relate to this story and the frustrations and guilt the MC carried. I like everything about this!
This SO ministered to me. (what were you doing in my head, by the way?) No matter how this does (and I hope it does well!) know for a fact that it was absolutely a Godsend for this reader. I needed to hear this more than you can imagine. Thank you.
This is a beautiful story of hope for when we have "one of those days". Nice work!
Very good story. This line is a tear jerker: Course, Mama. It was just a bad day. Tomorrowll be better.

You did a good job of showing Candace's heart.
Lovely story. Isn't it great how God speaks to us thru other's voices? You've captured that in this story.
It never hit me before reading this that Jesus probably had to forgive Mary and Joseph for being less than perfect parents which would have been even harder for them since He WAS perfect. Great story.
I've been there and done that. What a great story. It's good that God is so forgiving.
This story skillfully shows how Bible centered "cell" groups outside of church, with those of like "concerns" can find hope and healing. It is in the sharing that we find the next rung on the ladder that helps us to climb one step higher. Really liked the honesty expressed in this piece. Great job!
This story exemplifies so many things so well. Praise God for understanding and helpful husbands, those saints who allow parents of young children to get out together, and childlike trust that can so easily hope for a better day tomorrow. Aside from financial need, I do not believe that it is challenge that moms seek outside the home, but escape from it. It is the most challenging, and rewarding, job on Earth, and you pay it a mighty tribute in this story.
What a well written piece. I believe you have exemplified every mother's struggle at one time or another. You also captured how often we will have that nudge of the Holy Spirit to 'tune in' at just the right moment to hear what we need to hear by one who is speaking to us in a group setting.