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Wonderful example of how we older "more mature" Christians should treat unbelievers who enter into "our realm" - someone brings beer to a Bible study and is not ridiculed or chased off. Granted, you didn't know better about the beer but your reaction was right (I know I'll probably hear about this one).
Good writing. Good flow.
God bless and keep writing.
Great title - and I can definitely feel your passion for this. Part of me wishes you had focused more on your brew-carrying friend - that was what I was led to believe from the start of this entry. Some of the rest, in my opinion anyway, seemed "extraneous." That being said, this was very well-written and I enjoyed the read.
I'm glad your group was not caught up in the condemnation of a man who still needs to ask the Lord into his heart! What a wonderful gift you're giving to him-anonymously perhaps- to have him prayed for. May God grant this prayer for him this new year.
Your article jogged my memory of all the people who have come and gone in my life often through those same kinds of meetings and studies and for whom I no longer pray. A solemn reminder. We also need to be reminded to look beyond the peripherals (the beer) and see the person. Major on the major and leave the minors to God. Good work.