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Well-written--very moody and atmospheric.

Can you think of some additional details that might distinguish this from similar end times stories?

You did an excellent job with the setting: sights, sounds, etc. I was right there in the group...
This was very good. I was really caught up in the experience.
Wow - my heart was beating a mile a minute in my chest. Your descriptions are so vivid and the setting shown so expertly. Very, VERY good. I want more!
Great drama, well written. Keep up the good work. Nice clue by-the-way. God bless.
Extremely powerful piece.
Exciting and descriptive end times story! Kept me reading.
Well done! :) Suspense was real and well thought out. Great work. It has the basis for an entire story, developing your characters, etc. Wonderful!!!!!
Very moving!
Wow. I could feel the tension. The only thing I saw that I could possibly 'red pen' was the last line. I think that it took a little away from the ending by telling the reader what to think. (although I completely agree with that last phrase!!) I liked seeing the scene through the eyes of a participant, not just 3rd person. I liked this. :-) Hugs!
Good story and happening in some countries.
Got goose bumps reading this one — very good.
I echo most all the former comments. Excellent writing.