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Touching and inspiring writing.

There were some places in the dialog where a person is addressed by name--in those places, you need to separate the person's name with a comma. For example, when I first read the opening sentence, I thought Dr. Campbell was the one being kidded because of the way the sentence was punctuated.

I wanted to stand up and applaud for the Hendersons' new church family!
This was a very touching story. Thank you so much for sharing!
What a sweet story. I especially loved your description of Floyd's face!
Beautiful story of the Church's and God's faithfulness. I loved it.
There's a wonderful message in this story! Thanks.
Great story, I liked the last 3 paragraphs the best. Smartly presented message. God bless.
This is a very enjoyable story with a great message. Some really nice descriptions; i.e., "whiter than diapers boiled in bleach"...great word picture, made me chuckle. Good Job!
I loved this story. I could feel the love of Floyd and Liz for each other, as well as their strong bonds of marriage, and the desire of the "body" to use their gifts to help a new member.
“Lizzy, we left our family and friends for this job, but we didn’t leave the Lord. He’ll take care of us.” I love this!
What a great reminder.
I like how this story progressed and how it all worked out for Lizzy. Well done.
"You don't always harvest where you plant Liz." -- I liked this. I like the message that we're part of something bigger than just a local congregation. We're part of the whole family of Christ. I can't hear this enough - thanks.