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Wow, what a powerful and effective testimony! I hope the invisible man will do some more study on what gifts the Bible mentions. I'm sure he encourages others without even realizing it. I'm sure he serves others without making a big deal out of it, and I feel QUITE certain that this man uses his writing to teach others sometimes. Hmmmm....sounds like He has suddenly made his appearance known. :) This was really thought-provoking. Oh, and the Bible says to make a "joyful" noise, not a pretty one, so keep up the karaoke!
My favorite kind of writing is self-deprecating, witty, and intelligent, and this piece has the trifecta! And I also love that it came back to writing--may not be in any of the Biblical lists of gifts, but it is undeniably a gift, nevertheless. Clever and entertaining writing here.
Very nice and great title. Thank you so much for sharing!
As always, this is really good, and I enjoyed reading your take on the gift of being invisible. I've felt like that book spine myself in my family, at times! (The middle of three) Love the descriptions and the turns of phrases in your work.
It started as a giggle, then a cackle, on to a laugh, and then a deep belly guffaw. At times, I couldn't read because my laptop was bouncing. Wonderfully entertaining. I loved it.
I love this! The humor is great, but there is a good message, too. One of my favorites!
Very interesting. It's true that writing is like an 'invisible' gift. With the removal of some minor punctuation mistakes at the beginning, this would make a great devotional. Well done!
I loved the tongue-in-cheek humor in this very creative piece.
Okay-ROFL! This is hilarious and I can really relate to this, feeling invisible and actually being invisible, it seems. Loved the touch of humor and especially your last line. That was just perfect! This is one of my favorites for this week!
This was so funny. I have spent my whole life basically feeling invisible. Too funny. Well done.
I'm having a difficult time trying to find a red pen comment. Your book analogy is terrific, as is your word play. Humor is difficult to write, but you've nailed it. You stick to your theme. And you emphathize with readers who've not yet found their gifts. Thus, encouraging them. I really can't find anything I'd change. Great writing!
Very funny - you made me laugh a few times, especially trying to find the gift of invisibility in the Bible, which of course being invisible, could not be found.