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Very good--I know a person just like Shelli, and she is similarly humble.
What a perfect illustration of how the body of christ needs everyone! Some "parts" are more glamorous or get more attention, but the Shellis are needed just as much. Great writing. EXCELLENT!
Great reminder that God has given each one a talent. Wonderful job on topic.
This story was a very smooth read, and it was entertaining as well. I could picture the pastor's satisfaction in removing the "UN" out of the woman's "UNgiftedness." Well done.
Oh, well done! I'm glad all her 'behind the scenes' efforts were noticed. It's so true that not all gifts are 'up at the front' ones, but all are equally important. This was well written too.
I'm not too creative this week on my comments but will say that this was a most enjoyable story!
Great illustration. I really enjoyed it.
You brought out so many of the gifts well and presented a delightful mc who was gifted far beyond her own imagination. Excellent writing.
Oh I like this! What an understanding (and practical) Pastor Tom. I liked his example of cutting out the shapes and showing her the hands and feet, the real kicker is the last few lines though. Loved this!
I love this. The gift of helps is so underestimated and so misunderstood. So many want a gift that's showy, that gives praise here on earth. But for those who have the gift of helps, who operate behind the scenes, God has very special rewards waiting in heaven. Nicely written and you drove home that truth!
Sometimes our gifts aren't obvious.I can relate to Shelli. This was well constructed, and a very good read. Well done.
Woo Hoo Pam!!! Huge congrats for 1st place and EC as well. This story truly deserves it. So beautiful.
What a touching story. I often feel like Shelli and needed to read this today. Congratulations on the EC. You deserve it.
Great job, Pam. Congratulations on winning first place! It's amazing, but true, that many Christians do think that they are "ungifted".
Congratulations on your EC. This is a perfect illustration of a gift that so often goes unrecognized. Great job.
Awwww! Great work. What a wonderful reminder that the little things really DO make a difference!
Congrats on your EC win. I loved the way that every time the MC mentioned another name, the minister said that the MC had helped them in some way. The ending was perfect.