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Awesome, awesome allegory. Love the little bottle at the end.
Very creative piece, and so thought-provoking! Sometimes, we get so busy lamenting about not having certain certain gifts that we run the risk of squandering and not sharing the gifts we do have.
I love this well presented update on the parable of the talents. It was extremely well written and creative.
Very nice. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.
Very wise message indeed and very well presented.
Thomas, you could have blessed so many lives. Just because the gift seems small John and Paul have found happiness in sharing their gifts, but you- The boss shook his head. You hid yours and now I must take it away.

Ok, how this struck a HUGE chord within me! So many times as an upfront vocalist has the tech person turned down my mic (or at least turned up the reverb) when needed for my off key moments. And when I've performed as an actor, the stage manager has slipped a prop that I have lost or forgotten. The gift of helps and service is so often overlooked but deserves a standing ovation. :) I believe that all of heaven is already giving them one.
Beautiful story that is beautifully written. I love the characters and the Boss, and the gifts. Just a wonderful story to read.
Wow! Awesome parable.
Fabulous! A very creative story which presents an important message. Well done!
This is an outstanding story, so awesomely written, parallelling the parable of the talents.
Ouch! Why'd you do that. Thanks for the much needed message. Very well written too. God bless.
Congratulations on your 3rd place. This is really, really good. I love the gifts that were in that little bottle -- seemingly so small, but in reality so very precious. Great job with the topic.
Congrats on your placing. This was a lovely retelling of the parable of servants not using their talents/gifts.