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A very sweet situation, with the youngster unintentionally helping to nudge Mabel along to use her own gift. I like it.
Great job with the character development especially. Love the message too, of course - good stuff.
Love the message in the piece. Great dialogue. You make the reader feel part of the story.
This was a very good story with a great message. Thank you for sharing!
I'm a big fan of effective dialogue and this was superb. Excellent job. God bless.
Wonderful! Very sweet and engaging, and a great message as well. Loved it.
This is a wonderfully written, feel-good all over kind of story. Thank you for putting an ordinary situation into an extraordinary message. :)
Wonderful! I love both of these characters. They're very real and the dialogue is perfect. It's a lovely, positive story about the gifts of the Spirit.
The that girl was learning a valuable lesson! Also, this shows that we are never to old to learn or to serve the Lord. Great story!
I love your title's metaphor with a child cleaning the windows/eyes for the older woman to see. Terrific
You had a wonderful message in this lesson learned by a child and passed on. Very well written.
You've preached several messages here as already noted... I'm sensitive to one not mentioned, that disability or illness doesn't stop us from serving God, it simply may change where and how... blessings
A sweet story! I liked the character of Kylie. ^_^ She was fun and I know the feeling of saving up for a mp3 player...I bet she'll get it pretty soon and windows all over will be sparkling because of her gift of encouragment without even knowing it!
You wove such a wonderful story here with your words. What a wonderful message you gave us. Great writing my friend.
There's so much truth in these 2 lines.
“Did you even stop to think that maybe you're there for a reason? That maybe it's time for you to do something other than the things you're used to doing?”
This was really good read. You did a great job.
Congratulations on your highly commended. I thoroughly enjoyed this cute story, and laughed at the joke at the end. 'Notes' should probably be 'letters'.
I absolutely loved everything about this story. Great job, Peej. Congratulations on your HC. :) Love, Cat