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What a precious story!

A few little grammar glitches--the verb tense in the first sentence comes to mind--but all in all this was a moving piece, which successfully captures an entire ministry in just a few words, and by "showing, not telling." Super accomplishment.
What a beautifully written piece! You did a great job in seamlessly weaving the various tenses as the main character began the story by telling of his life in the present - "I hold the old Bible and see with surprise that the skin of my hands look almost as tired and worn as its cracked cover," the history of how he received the Bible and then you brought the story full circle as he shared of God's ministry and the personal investment of himself. Skillful use of synonyms to reinforce the message - imprint, impact, legacy, etc. Great story, masterfully done!
What a moving story. Sometimes we forget that our pastor's wife is as much a minister as he is. Thanks for the reminder.
This was wonderful! Wow! I have a friend that's giving one of her marked up/full of notes Bible to her niece for Christmas. Very good Saturday morning reading!
This is one of my favorites that I've read so far. Well worn Bibles compared with the loving hands that hold them--wonderful image!
This entire story is masterfully written. The opening paragraph is my favorite, though. Comparing the imprints on the Bible to the wrinkling of the skin as well as the marks made on the life of others. wow! Just incredible.
Well-described and characterized testimony of a good life. I like the passage of time and the way the minister's work and family grew and changed.
I love your descriptions of the hands compared to the Bible and so much more. What a wonderful story and message!
A beautiful duality: the bibles and the love story. Loved it.
Well, after that, I need a tissue! Great job! I loved the comparison of the hands and his Bible, of the imprints on the Bible and on lives. Beautiful. The passage of time flowed seamlessly, too. Great job!
Very moving, touching and well delivered. Super description and use of the Bible. God bless.
Absolutely beautiful descriptions. I am amazed at how much you can get into 750 words. Wonderful.
Excellent imagery, message, and creativity. I enjoyed this very much.
I liked the flashbacks and ending with the bible it made it more real. This was a nice, encouraging piece.
I have felt the same way about all my worn out Bibles. In fact, I just recently passed one of my old Bibles down to one of my sons. Your story blessed me so much. Well done.
I love this warm and comforting story. It's very well written, and the ending iss perfect.