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WONDERFUL poem! I love how you return at the end to the image of the eagle, I love the phrase "lion of the sky," and the whole middle section is just beautifully written, too!
Majestic! You could feel the power of the eagle and lion.
Love the imagery - What a lesson too.
Very nice poem. I love thinking about soaring through the sky like an eagle.

This is my favorite --
"Ill never be a powerhouse; Ill never be a star.
Im not like you, Im only me; alone I wont reach far.
But somehow God is magnified when willing hearts embrace
Unique design from His own hand, accompanied by grace."

I'm with Jan on that line, "Lion of the sky". That's just down right gorgeous poetry. I never thought of the eagle in those terms before, and the rest of the poem is just as powerful and descriptive.
Expertly presented and anointed. Great job. God bless.
I especially enjoyed the second stanza, a reminder of how others may see us. Beautifully written.
Beautifully written and woven with an uplifting message. Loved it.
Yours is a powerful message presented beautifully. My favorite of your ideas was what would lack if I did nothing.
Great writing! My favorite verse is the second to last here. Neat job!
This has a powerful message, and I loved it. My favorite parts are where you say: "Just as the mighty eagle rides the wind to reach his goal,
Holy Spirit power will lift the meekest soul." and where you call the Eagle the lion of the sky. Well done!
This is lovely. Much to ponder, too - enjoyed this piece!