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Loved this special delivery story. There are so many opportunities we miss. And for all the wrong reasons, but God's grace came through and she was changed. Great idea, creative, appealing, and fun while teaching us a good lesson..
I loved, loved, loved the first two-thirds of this. What a powerful image--the "heavy" gift, the notes, the gentle nudgings...I almost feel as if it should end with her pouring out her heart to her Father. The rest was almost anticlimactic. End it with the prayer, and your readers might follow suit...

Really strong entry.
Very convicting and engaging. Great descriptions.
Very good story. It was good to see how the special delivery changed the MC's life:)
This story began very well. I loved the overall lesson to be learned about using the gifts God gave us. It really made me think - How many opportunities have I had, but haven't grabbed them?
So good, and a great reminder that we do need to use our gifts. I enjoyed this.
I needed the reminder. We need to use our gifts. Super writing as well. God bless.
This is a sweet, feel-good story with the kind of ending I enjoy. Supernatural messages are the best kind!!!! :)
Adding on.....Also, convicting at the same thing that came to my mind is how many books about evangelism I have on my shelf compared to how often I actually do so. OUCH!
Special Delivery, indeed! Powerful messages of how to use our gifts, and also how we often ignore these gifts by being too busy, or simply being thoughtless. Inspiring story.
What a wonderful idea and really powerful message. Great job!
I love the idea of "Special Delivery." The story is unique for the topic and has a great message.
Great story with a message I needed to hear.
Super job!! I loved how the box felt heavy even though there were 'only' scraps of paper inside. Excellent! Hugs!
I really enjoyed this story that hit the topic straight on. The description was good, particularly in the passage about the veranda. I liked the way she changed her life immediately because of the special delivery.
This is so good Chrissy, it almost comes over like a parable! The details also explain where she's been placing all of her emphasis and spending too much valuable time... ouch.
I loved how you described the box feeling full, but it only held the paper slips. I also loved how you show her emphasis was in all the wrong places before the delivery. Great job Chrissy!
I have little goosebumps dancing the polka after reading this. The whole piece with the special delivery and her change of I wish there'd been a little more room to read more about her and everything. It's like the beginning of a novel. Great job!
So often we ignore the gifts God gives us, or complain that we can't do it "good enough". Great story!
Goosebumps! I loved it Chrissy! I'm so glad God does speak to us...and glad when we listen and obey. Beautiful story!