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Very good meditation on both Scripture and on your own spiritual gifts.

In the italicized Scriptures, you don't need the quotation marks, too.

I really appreciated your spirit in this well-written piece.
This is a wonderfully written, honest piece: in its entirety, it encourages the reader to use the gift(s) God has given to each one of us. If you can pray, pray without ceasing! If you can lead children in worship, do it! If you can write: write for the Lord!
Very good writing. This piece is very encouraging to find and use your gifts for God's glory.
I love reading the heart of a fiathwriter. Great work. God bless.
I always appreciate your honest and interesting devotionals. This one is a good one with it's illustration of the sweet perfume of our gifts!
Wonderful thoughts. I love the way you related the scripture to your personal experience. I can certainly relate to your thoughts as well.
What a great devotional! Your writing was crystal clear and kept me reading--making me think all the way through. Great job --and great thoughts! (thank you! I needed to hear that.) Hugs!
Very thoughtful writing with a wonderful message.
This touched me! It's so true, so convicting! We want others to notice us, praise us. Well written!
Loved the message - and the writing.
This is VERY good - and convicting. Excellent, my dear friend!
This is a wonderful devotional. I love the way you extended the comparison to the perfume all the way to the end. Excellent writing.
This is encouraging. I like the comparison with the bottle of perfume. I never thought of it this way, thanks for sharing this piece!
I really like how you took scripture and made a great devotional piece from it. You did a really good job with this.