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Nice title! Cooking is certainly a gift and it's one that I DON'T have:)
This is a lovely, lovely allegory, written with great skill.
wonderful! "The way to a man's (king's) heart is through his stomach." Doesn't every woman know that?
A beautiful heart warming story...I enjoyed it and got a blessing by reading it.
Beautiful allegory with lots of vivid details. Loved it.
The title was perfect for your beautiful parable. The last line was most effective.
Beautifully written! I loved your eartly story with a heavenly meaning. Your title is perfect.
Wow. What a parable! I loved this. Especially when you came to the details of the pie and how it touched the King's soul. This is a great reminder of what we can be and how we should use our own gifts for a greater good-but the best part? The crown, laying it back at His feet. I think this is one of your best. Awesome writing!
No red ink needed on this one. I wouldn't change a thing. Beautiful on so many levels. I love the message. We often use our gifts for our own glory, not God's. Very convicting. I love the title.
It's going to be difficult using a Red Pen on this one Christine - it truely is lovely. And there were only some minors things anyway ... like the spacing. I think the triple spacing distracts from the lovliness of your story although at the break it's okay.

And sometimes commas can trip up the reader ... here's an example ... 'King Elkanah felt something stir within him, as he considered the wrinkled, yet strangely beautiful face now gazing up at him.' You see, I don't think this sentence needs any commas at all. It flows nicely without them.

That's about all I can nick-pick on this beatuiful story. I loved it.
I like the parable and the way it is executed. A good lesson that will help with the application of your verse.

If you really want a splash of red ink: I was a bit irritated by a slamming door. it seemed too common and out of place.
This was really beautiful. I liked how the King could see the intentions of her heart.

As far as red ink, i could only find one little nit-picky thing. It was the spacing. I just didn't understand it. I figure it is very likely I just don't know much about formating with types of stories.
Hey there--since you asked for red ink--spend some time looking up the proper way to punctuate and capitalize (or not capitalize) dialogue. I found several errors of this sort.

It's a testimony to the quality of your writing that I didn't even see these the first time's the sort of thing that usually really bugs me, and here I missed them altogether, because the story was so outstanding.
A very good story. I don't have much to add that hasn't been said. Maybe, I wouldn't have taken as long to get to the woman, but I realize you had to set the stage and create the contrast. I usally write so far out of the box it is hard for me to comment on other's work, but I might have worked a differnt opening that either grabbed me, or propelled me to the rest of the story. But, that's just me. The writing here, save some puncuation challenges, was/is top notch. Getting the hang of creating a 750 word essay is tough and is always a challenge deciding how many words to spend on each part of the story.
Believe it or not, I really liked this and would have scored it high if I were judging. You are a very anointed talent and I enjoy your work. I hope this is what you wanted and didn't sound to harsh. God bless.
Congratulations on your highly commended. This is a creative story with a wonderful double meaning. The story reads as an example of someone who has used their gifts for Christ on earth, and when they receive their crown on judgment day, they give the crown back to Christ. Well done.
Christine, you have woven a beautifully mesmerizing tale here! Congratulations on your highly commended. It sooo deserves such recognition! Absolutely lovely!