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This is a nice testimony to the power of living your life for the Lord so that others can come to know Christ. Thank you for sharing!
This is some awesome piece of writing--you made the lab experiment with the rats into a very interesting read! Your characterization is absolutely superb, and I like the fact that you didn't wrap it up all neatly, but trusted your readers' intelligence to supply the ending.
It takes some gifted writing to make lab rats interesting, but you pullied it off superbly. This is a great story.
Very interesting setting! I'd never think of use a lab. Good dialogue.
Mice. I won't say cute. BUT very excellent writing. I love great characterization and dialogue and you aced them both. God bless.
I love the title. This is extremely well written. Enjoyed it!
This is wonderfully written. You must have some knowledge of lab rats and experiments.
If you don't, you faked it very well. ;0)
I throughly enjoyed this professionally done piece.
Wow. I am very impressed by this story. It is so real and engaging and has a wonderful message as well. --I also appreciate how you take the time to make comments on so many stories!
Super job! Who would've thought lab experiments could be so interresting?! This was really engaging--great job! Hugs!
I enjoyed the idea of a lab for the story. It is very unique and the message is perfect. Excellent writing!
I was wondering when gifts was going to enter the story and then it did, beautifully and gently at the end. Very nicely done. By the way, Phoebe's caring nature and strength of character really came through.
I love how you demonstrate emotions with sensory details. Great story.
I was completely engaged from beginning to end - great characterization, dialog, EVERYTHING. Enjoyed this very much!
This is really good. I loved learning about the rat testing -- very interesting. The dialogue was very realistic. I like the open-ended ending. Very good writing, and good job with the topic.
You led the reader right to where you want him... there isn't anyway he won't stick around for the lifestyle evangelism message! Great writing.
LOVE the dialouge in this piece! I give you points for creativity! This was sort of haunting in the end, it was just the right note to end on! Great, awesome writing! This is one of my faves this week!
An experience (setting) I know nothing about and yet I was there through each description putting it together and liking that I didn't understand it all. Great ending too. The MC has a humanity to him that works great with that ending.
I love how you shed light on how the Spirit opens our understanding to what someone is going through. Even when they don't say a word about their circumstances. This was one of my favorites this week. Well done my friend.
Great writing! The setting was so unique. I learned something. :)