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Interesting piece. I thought maybe the MC had an appendicitis attack or something. I remember getting flicked at church by my mom, too. Thank you for sharing.
I'm not exactly sure what happened then, or now, but the writing is really good! I love the way you turn a phrase with just a little twist to make it unusual. I wish I understood a bit more about the character and what happened, but I still enjoyed the read.
Enjoyable. I liked your dialogue, and I loved your honesty.
Okay, I must admit that somehow I missed the point. (Maybe 'cause I'm not Catholic?) Your writing is wonderful, and I'm sure there's a great message I'm not getting. I did picture everything as it was happening -- but, you lost me. Sorry. :(

Except I really like your last line. It made me laugh out loud. :)
Cute story!
You had my attention throughout this entire story. Yet, I was a bit confused about what happened. I'm sure that is because I am not familiar with Catholic customs. Still, it was a great piece and I really liked it.
As always, excellent writing! I wish I had known more about the narrator--after several reads, I'm still not sure if the speaker is male or female, nor what the ailment is. Nevertheless, your writing always makes me think, and plops me right into your setting. Your title is an awesome "hook."