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Oh wow. This was really, really good. I especially liked the water and Wonder Bread for communion. :) Great job bringing the story "full circle" so to speak.
Thank you for sharing this piece. Well-done!
What an interesting story. You definitely illustrated the power children's attitudes can have on an indiviual, too. I like the example of faithfulness portrayed here.
This is quite touching. It fascinates me that the Lord can draw people in almost in spite of the other Christians who got there ahead of him/her. Well done.
I like Anthony's devotion. We're blessed to serve a God who does not give up his pursuit of us. Wonderful!
God's continuous call on a life never goes away. This is a good tribute to a devoted and forgiving man. Very touching.
Beautiful story. I loved the epic quality of this. Anthony really captured my heart. Great writing!
I always enjoy the depth and wisdom weaved in the words you use to present your entries. I like your style and voice. You write with an honest and sincere grace that really moves me. I'm a fan. God bless.
This really moved me. YOur authenticity touched me. Great writing!
The narrative style here is quite unique...I enjoyed reading this. Almost felt as if I were listening to a master story-teller.
Lovely poignancy.
I like the narrator's voice. It's very honest. Nice job of conveying your message and keeping the reader's interest. Well done.
This was so real, I could really feel for Anthony, wanting so desperately to follow the Lord's call. I'm glad he was able to in the end, in spite of the cancer and everything. Great job!
You pulled me into your narration from the very beginning and kept me entranced with your inspiring story.
If God put the fire in our hearts, can it ever be extinguished? From your story, I would think not. I have a feeling, too that this was a real situation about someone who pursued their faith against all odds.
Great writing!
I really liked your POV. The style made it very easy to read, and kept me wanting to find out more. Good job with the topic.
You kept my interest throughout. Well done!