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Love all the personalities here -- and the different perspectives of the same events. Good stuff.
Your perspective is extremely creative but real at the same time. This was a great piece. It is amazing to think about all the things that people critique on any given Sunday...sad, really.
Very good! I actually considered taking a very similar approach--great minds...

This was a little bit tart and a little bit sweet, just like the best meal.
What it would sound like if we could know each other's thoughts during worship....yikes. ;-) Creative approach with all the different voices and I love the "hallelujah wails"
Nice entry. I enjoyed hearing all the different thoughts...and then getting the pastor's perspective. Very creative, real and honest. Great job!
Great work on this! I loved this line, "I love a babys hallelujah wail." Very creative!
Your descriptions of the congregation and the pastor show a colorful variety of people involved in their service. Much more interesting than the one-dimensional "seeker sensitive" church I'm experiencing right now! Realistic and honest writing.
Very creative! And you had a lot of wonderful lines in this entry. One of my favorites: "You cant stop gossip if you chase it down and hog-tie it. It gets away and the stories get juicier."
Luara, Congrats friend on an outstanding piece! Great pace and reader interest. God bless.
I like the different perspectives from the pulpit. This is clever and well done.
Liked the style and all the thoughts whirling around.
I love that you present unique individuals together within a church community. Loved it.
The personalities in this piece really shines through! There's so much to be learned from each point of view, great job!
Interesting perspectives...s. You never know how different people perceive the same thing.
I love your creativity in this piece. You gave the reader such a variety of perspectives on the same service. Well Done!
You did a great job with this topic. I loved the originality in the writing.
I loved hearing all the perspectives--right down to the funny face during the solo. Great details!!
Once I caught on, I found this to be a fantastic and brilliant approach to the subject. I could even identify with a couple of the "thoughts" drifting out there in the sanctuary.
Interesting approach to the topic. I enjoyed reading this -- seeing the same picture through different eyes. Nice job.
This was really cool -- I loved the different perspectives -- the varying perspectives were realistic, and I liked this piece very much.