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Definately a creative approach to the topic. Are you, or were you Billy or do you just enjoy little boys sick senses of humor? As a grown up little boy I can understand how this was the highlight of a young life. I have a friend who is an excellent public speaker. He always gets sick (not quite barf-bag sick) just before he speaks to a crowd but he keeps speaking for the Lord in spite of his inevitable upset stomach. It takes love for the Lord to continue when sickness preceeds a victory in Jesus name.
I think your title is drawing people to read this entry:) Very funny. Good job!
A lot of fun and orneriness packed into this. Great writing!
Yes, a boy would get a kick out of that. Poor Suzy. This was fun and creative. Good job.
Oh man, am I glad I already had dinner earlier. I knew a girl who was just like this one, and a boy who could sometimes be sick, too. Ugh. But the MC in this story is ALL boy! Funny!
Cute--my only complaint is that I wish it were longer!
Little boys and frogs are always a cute combo. This was entertaining. Nicely done.
Oh, Ruth, you are getting so good. Great visuals. You also get my award for best title. God bless.
Yukky. So good I got nauseaus!
Very enjoyable story. I am with Billy....pastor daughter or not, a child should not be pressured to do something would result in so much trauma...vomiting.
This was great! I raised two sons, and now have a grandson that were/are just like your MC. You captured the essence of an ornery young boy and their twisted sense of humor to a T! Well done!
Oh, what a HOOT! Love the boy's POV especially. Great detail (I was right there, though I wish I hadn't been LOL).
I kept hoping the frog would somehow distract Suzie from barfing--LoL. What a fun read--wish there had been more. :-) Good job! :-)
This was a cute and fun read and probably shows what really goes on behind the scenes than we think.
You cracked me up with this one! I'll have the visual in my head for a week! :0
LOL Love it! I can just see the whole thing.