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Interesting approach to the topic, and a good job showing the various uses a pulpit has in a church. I could relate to the MC, wanting to speak, but unable to find the strength.
Very nice writing and a very creative approach to the topic. Good job!
What a creative approach to the topic! It was very touching, too. I especially like the ending. Great job.
Perfect title, so many moods depicted in such a skillful and touching way.

A little quibble--because you had the pastor address Brian at the beginning, I thought he was the narrator for a while, and had to do some mental gymnastics early on.

The ending was expecially strong, and I was moved on behalf of your narrator. Lovely.
Beautiful, profound story. I also loved your dialogue and the tone you set with the "quicksand," and "enveloped."
This is an absolutely beautiful tribute to your mother, I'm thinking. And in her loving mother's heart while she was yet living, she would have known all the words you wanted to say.
I am so sorry that you were unable to speak when you most wanted to. Your writing makes it clear that this still bothers you very much. You were very effective in conveying your emotions, and disappointment. Good job with the topic.
Good emotions here as well as descriptions. You told a story that many can relate to - unable to speak at the times we most want to speak. Good writing!
Your story touched my heart. Great writing.
This was really, really touching. Wonderful job.
Beautiful. Excellent writing. I think the ending is especially strong but I like the way you showed the different times you'd been behind the pulpit. This is very touching. Lord bless you!
oh no, those 'brain freeze' moments! Awesome, descriptive writing--almost like a watching a movie! This line made me laugh, "It had been quite the effort to hold back the laughter while she crossed her legs and did a little potty jig."
Keep on writing!