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This is an interesting take on this topic. Not what I would have thought, but definately a story worth telling. The Navy didn't see fit to send me to south east Asia so I was fortunate to have missed this aspect of the war. While I'm a Vietnam era Vet I didn't have these experiences. You made them as real as 750 words can for a man who has not had the experience. Good Job!
Very vivid writing - I agree with Ed. Despite my lack of knowledge of this, you put me there.
This was very interesting and very unique. Thank you for sharing.
Your images are vivid, the story gripping. The last paragraph is very touching.
Excellent writing - interesting take on the subject.
Wow. This is an excellent story on this topic. Very unique and very powerful. I could see every image you described with great clarity.
What a wonderful sense of time and place! This could be an examplar for teaching "setting."

FYI--the correct phrase is "for all intents and purposes." A redundant phrase, but that's our ridiculous language.

I love the title, and the very unique tree stump/pulpit. You're fantastic at out-of-the-box writing.
I have finally figured out what I love about your writing. Other great writers use words to show what life is like but you don't waste time with words. You just take out a scalpel and dissect an actual living chunk of life. Then you glue that still pulsing piece of life to the page. You are the first writer I am putting in my favorites! (Oh sorry about the exclamation mark but you deserve it.)
Talk about out-of-the-box... it's amazing how boundaryless your knowledge and talents are. Your students are fortunate.
Very gripping dramatic writing, felt like I was there along with you. You have a definite flair for detail and imagery. Thanks for telling me about this one. Very well done.

Lynn "Tomoral" Gipson