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This is a very unique piece written from the devil's POV of our Messiah's birth. Good job.
This is chilling...and a very unique take on the topic as well.
Wow! Incredibly creative in a chilling way! Amazingly written!!
Clever, witty, talented, way talented. (Didn't say creative lol). Excellent, Sue. God bless.
There's nothing like the sour display of a sore loser! Great story. Love the characterization of the greatest loser of them all. Especially like his final gripe: "Hope y'all are happy!". Yes, we are.
Absolutely chilling, Sue, and masterfully written. I love the touches of alliteration, even in the prose section at the beginning, and the imagery. And the poem is top-notch! One of my faves.
Off the charts creative. Bordering on spooky, too. Very well done.
Okay, kudos to giving this reader goosebumps. Wow. This is nice to have ya back!
This is so very creative and excellently written.
Dark and forboding at the start, but the message at the end wipes the slate brillantly clean.
Wow. I've never pictured satan at the pulpit -- but your entry made me think that it probably happens more often than we realize. This is a very creative take on the topic, and written very well.
This blew me away. Your creativity is amazing. Well done.
I was wondering where this was going, and was pleasantly surprised at the VERY happy ending. Love the devil's parting line. Kudos! :) Cat
You were able to take such a general topic and make it truly yours... amazing. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us.
You are an awesome poet! The words weave an intricate tapestry of artistry.