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Church has really changed since we were little as in this quote that I liked:
"A pierced youth with purple pointed mohawk reads from the Gospel of John.
Shocking those sitting in pews, as he is stunned by Jesus' perfect love."

It does the church good to be shocked once in a while:) Thank you for sharing!
I've often wondered what the pastors sees, and if any distract him or spur him on. This almost has the feel of a poem.
I enjoyed the variety of speakers you chose to be presenters at the pulpit. Well written.
Great job. Such powerful, vivid images you present the reader with. I enjoyed this. Super!
Wonderful writing! Your ending is powerful!
I love this! So many great phrases and wonderful images, but my favorite is the punkish guy reading John. Perfect.
Your images are vivid. I enjoyed reading this very real assessment of a church service.
Outstanding, Karen. You are a true poet and communicator for the Lord. God bless.
I love your vivid descriptions of churches today. Great writing!
Are you EVER multi-talented! Your descriptions are so vivid and lovely. This is just wonderful. I could see each little bit perfectly.
Well done! Great lines that force the reader to think.
Here we display the "foolishness of preaching" as Paul says, but also the power and poetry of preaching. Well done.