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Now I liked this. Flashes of brillant writing, masterful at times. Keep up the inspiring work. God bless.
Perfect title - and I love the character names, and how each ministered in a different way. Very creative.
Very well written entry with a creative use of names. You have a lot of writing talent.
This was such a creative take on depression! You wove a story about the deep, darknesss of the soul very subtly, but very realistic. I think this is amazing! I especially liked the analogy of the MC being in a trench and her freinds climbing down in with her in order to encourage. A truthful analogy!
I felt I was in the trench with your MC, and was very glad when we were able to climb out. Your encouragers were wonderful!
Your first paragraph is a perfect, perfect description of depression, and the whole allegory is very well done.
Beautiful. I loved how you used the flower names for all the different encouragers--it helped keep them straight and provided the analogy too. Your descriptions make this very vivid--I could feel the cramped dampness. Great job!! Hugs!
This is beautiful. I was feeling every hopeless thought with you. And your imagery of coming out of the pit was wonderful. Great job with the topic.
This reminds me of my favorite Psalm: "I waited patiently for the Lord, and He turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire..."

Really good descriptions and analogies in this entry! I love the friends, like the beauty of fresh and colorful flowers, coming and bringing a little spark of life with each visit. Beautiful!
This was a wonderful read! I've been in that trench many times and have had friends help pull me out. Thank you so very much for sharing this bouquet of solace with us!
What an absolutely amazing story of encouragement by friends to someone in the depth of depression. Great job!
Oh I do like this! I felt as if I were right there along with her and watching as her friends came and surrounded her, lifting her up in every way they could. The flower names were just great. Wonderful writing!
Your use of imagery with the flowers is truly inspired and the story itself is masterful. Wonderful, wonderful job!
I know that trench! I am so thankful for those who allow God to use them to minister to others. WOW! MASTER WRITING!!
I love that you used a real tench to illustrate what your MC was feeling. This was so well written, too. Good work.
Wow, you did an awesome job of describing how depression feels. You also did an excellent job of expressing how helpful an encouraging word or deed is. Well done!
Wow, this is very powerful. I have to admit I was confused at first (groggy's early) and thought she was in a REAL trench. Once I "got it", I was like "Ohhhhhh. Ahhhhh." What a vivid description. Excellent writing. You're on your way up, up, up!
Your first paragraph is especially good. Very well written and creative entry!
I loved the title. Perfect for the story. How good it is when God's children reach out to one another when they are suffering. Great writing!
I liked the analogy presented here. A very creative way to illustrate the hope of encouragement. Nicely done!
Holy Spirit, _______ is hurting. Have mercy on him/her. Fill him/her with your presence and comfort. Protect him/her from falling back into the pit he/she was in. Father, show him/her that You are always beside him/her. Carry him/her through this difficult time. In Jesus name. Amen.

To all who find themselves in the dark trenches, this prayer is Light. I, for one, receive it.
Bouquet of solace... love the concept and beautiful story/allegory.