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Oh, the contents of that bag and their meaning brought such a smile to my face, and I'm sure the MC's face lit up too. Wouldn't it be such a lovely gesture to actually do this for someone? Thanks for sharing this.
Oh, poor Marie. I could soooooo relate to this story. It's amazing how much just a little gesture can lift up a harried mom (or anyone for that matter).
Beautiful story. It's amazing how everything changes when we know someone cares. You've written this very well.
I love how such a simple thing can bring such encouragement - this is a very creative, and enjoyable, piece.
Brought tears to my eyes. I really iidentified with your MC. You nailed the topic! Masterful story telling. You set the mood, created sysmpathy for your MC and delivered a very moving, touching and encouraging conclusion. Excellent job. I also thought the items in the bag was/were extremely creative. Great touch.
God bless.
What an encouragment to know that someone understands and cares. Good writing!
Oh, poor Marie! I can relate to her in many ways. Thanks for brightening her day, even if she is a fictional character!
Wow! Super-duper job!! I LOVED this--you captured the feelings completely. And I loved the emergency kit contents--gonna have to tuck this away for future use. :-) I loved it! Hugs! :-)
Yes-I've been in the MC's shoes, too! Great story and a wonderful end to a frustrating Sunday for her. We need to do this kind of thing more often for our children's faithful teachers at church.
AHHH! As a mother of eight children(now grown), I understand this completely! May I use your list of encouragements to help others? I'd love to give someone a bag such as this.
Oh, Wow! There are so many times when I could have used one of those. Right now, I can think of several who could use this type of encouragement. This piece is so very well written. Great job!
Oh, this is a delight! Great reminder to note what others are going through and to offer encourgement.
I absolutely LOVE this. It's sweet, touching, and held my attention, too.
This is my favorite line:

A marble – for when you feel you’ve lost yours.

It made me smile, and boy could I relate.

Excellent work.
This is such a beautiful story. I love how perfectly you pointed out how we sometimes take folks for granted and forget to notice them. Well done!
What a delightful story and I like how she was encouraged and then reached out to another.