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More, more,MORE. Excellent detail, and amazing job of pulling us into the action. I love how practical the encouragement is here. Great job of portraying the relationships. This felt very authentic.
Now this ranks high in my book. Excellente! Very few I have read have left me wanting more. When I find out who wrote this i shall add you to a small list of my favorites, if you're not already there. God bless.
okay, Now I know it's, Dub! You're already in my favorites. Excellent job. Inspiring writing.
I'd like to see the movie or at least Chapter 2. Great suspenseful writing!
I felt like I was watching a movie. This piece is vivid and filled with intrigue.
As is usual for you, excellent writing and characterizations. Left me wanting to read more.
It sure seems a lot more is going on then what is presented here...some other current we're not quite aware of that can keep this story going for a long, long time.
I really do like the way you left us hanging and wanting to know what happens next. It's an exquisite torture! Great work Dub!
Good job, Dub! I feel like I've just watched a movie and now there's a commercial break. And now for the rest of the story:) Thank you for sharing!