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This has so many facets - it's touching, funny, inspiring, convicting. I mean, just who's encouraging who here? ;-D This is great. I really enjoyed reading this.
I really liked this. Creative approach. God bless.
Great detail and descriptions. I was right there.
I enjoyed this slice of life in a rural church.
Great story for this topic! Very realistic. As a college student, years ago, I went to churches this poor in money and rich in Spirit.
Wonderful writing! I love everything about it: the title, your use of words like, "innards" and "doggone". Then the refrigerator was a "1957" model...ha, any significance there? :) :) I've seen a few of the "sit-at-your-own-risk" piano benches you've described. Everything fits so well in this!
Great work Dee, and I love the message. I could almost smell the mustiness of the delapidated building; and your description of the near-barren room with sunshine filtering through dust particles provided a vivid mental picture. For me it seemed to symbolize the spiritual sunshine that shone through their humble worship service.
Excellent work, as usual! I especially like the verse you used at the end. Perfect for your story.
I really liked your characters. Great job in describing them to us and in describing the church building:) Wonderful writing!
This is just excellent in every way: the characters, the details, the writing, and especially the message. Great job!
I loved this. It was so different, there was so much inside of it, all the characters and how they changed at the end. This is great! Good job!
Thank God for these ecclesiastical moments that can change us forever. You have such a wonderful way with dialect that is so engaging and moves the story forward in a “can’t stop reading” kind of way. Great insightful writing.
You've woven a simple, direct message into this piece. I love the voice, love the tone, LOVE it all. Great job.
I love the characters in your story. You did a fine job of bringing this story to life for the reader. Well done!
Excellent. I loved the descriptions that so clearly showed what the place looked like, as well as the humor. And the conclusion that God encourages us is great.
Dee, I love this piece. The voice and feel of it is perfect.