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Becky knows what true evangelism is all about! I loved this entry and watching the interaction between Kathy and Becky. Great job. The dialogue was great. Bravo!!!! ;)
Great story. I enjoyed reading it, and hope that I can reach others the same way this woman did.
I had tears in my eyes at the end. This is a well story with a terrific message. Well done!
Excellent storytelling, message, and well written.
Well written and interesting. I would love to read an expanded version of this.
Thank you for a good reminder of what works
What a fascinating title! That gave me plenty to chew on, but then came your wonderful story, tying the title in beautifully and perfectly at the end. Great piece!
I like how the neighbor found something that was important Kathy before trying to "barge" into her life. Great story about building a relationship first.
I love this! You did a great job capturing the women and their friendship. I love that last line--Great!!
I love how Becky did not have an agenda. She was just being herself and taking Kathy as she was. I had tears at the end as this is SO how I want to be! Thank you for this precious piece!
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
Congratulations on your EC. I loved watching this story unfold. You gave the message perfectly.
The story is masterful in design and beautiful in the telling. Lovely and touching.
Congratulations on the EC!
I'm so excited for you and it's such a well-deserved win! Congratulations and kudos and hugs and kisses! If I could send you flowers, I would. What a great piece! It's something you and the rest of us will cherish for a long time. God bless you, dear friend.
No wonder you're top winner, Pam. There is nothing missing in your story. I just love it, I love both women, I am tickled pink at Becky's non-agenda response to whatever Kathy told her. And, the ending is so encouraging and entirely believable.

I'm left thinking what we Christians can miss in "evangelism" when we fail to first get to know the person's soul and wait for the opening the Lord will provide for His Word to enter.

This goes in my favorites, dear friend!
Wow, Pam, this truly deserved 1st place. It's so beautiful. I love each and every message you've crafted. It was an honor to read it.
Finally got a chance to read this. What a great testimony-to have someone 'read' our life. I loved your characters-especially Becky. Great job-and congrats on your EC!