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I liked your idea to tell the story of church planting through a teen's viewpoint in her letters to a friend. You got the voice just right. It was a pleasure to observe the spiritual maturation and improved attitude of your MC.
Neat idea - I liked Lydia's point of view and how her letters changed as time went on. Well written!
A creative way to present the topic. I loved the progression. Great job!
Inventive way to tell your story--your MC's voice was believeable as she matured on this spiritual journey.
Great way to tell the story! I love the girlfriend lingo too. Is any of this based on a real-life? I enjoyed this well-written entry very much.
This is so creative. The personal nature of it really got me involved. I especially loved the extra touch of the message abbreviations. GREAT job!
This is so real it had me chuckling at the way she expressed herself and the girlfriend lingo. Good job!
This was most creative. It's also giving us a small blast from the past! It was nice to see the growth in this young girl through the years. Great job!
I love the way you always remind me of my childhood or youth! You got the teenage lingo and voice perfectly, and I think Lydia will be just dandy. Really clever.
This is just excellent! It showed the growth of maturity of the MC. This is a unique way to take the reader over an extended period of time to show the growth of the church as well. Very creative. Good job.

BTW* loved the girlfriend talk!

*By the way
Oooh! Loved this! Especially the note with the girlfriend lingo that was just too cute! ^_^ Excellent story and I liked how her own heart changed over time in her letters.
This is great. It was fun watching the teen's enthusiasm for the church grow. Great POV. You did good, girl.
Very creative account of a church planting episode, and great to see the MC maturing during the course of the 'letters'.
The "voice" was perfect as was the feeling for time and place. Normally when reading a book I tend to gloss over personal letters, but this one because of its authentic dialogue captivated me. Great job, Dee.