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Excellent writing! I loved your style of giving a personal example and then giving us some truths to take away-nicely done!!
Unique take on the topic. I don't how the missionary thing works, so I learned something. Just one minor thing; I think you meant "confident" instead of "confidant."
This is well written. Kudos.
I wouldn't even tell you what the Board of Directors of my mission asked me in that famous first interview! Interesting take on the theme. I would have liked to know why (assuming that you didn't) you didn't go to Sunday School before you went to Bible College. But hey, in 750 words, you can't tell us everything. Nicely done.
I really wanted to know why the board people were smiling or grinning at your answers about Sunday School, and why they were asking in the first place. Did you ever find out?

And, I really wanted to know why you didn't go to the mission field, but you did end up in Sunday School! (I think it might be a mission field on its own.)

All this to say, your piece kept my interest, or I wouldn't be asking these things.

By the way, if I had been asked the question, "Where are the dead?" I might have had an irrepressible moment of quirky honesty and answered, "I think some of them are attending Sunday School."

I enjoyed your article.