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Humor and a great message in this delightful poem
This is adorable!
This poem sounds like it's from the heart of a teacher and I love the teacher's answer to the many questions. This is very enjoyable.
You nailed the questions curious children ask. This was cute.
Don't kids ask fantastic questions. My mind was spinning just reading this. I loved the teachers answer and I'm thinking I might have to memorise it to use on my own kids.
Fun and darling. What great insight and memory you have to get into the mind of kids!
This is really cute. Those kids asked all the same questions I have. :) Nice job with the topic.
Remind me to NEVER ask that question if I start teaching Sunday School again LOL. I LOVE this, Christine! Those questions are just SO precious and typical of that age - and I love your answers. This delighted me.
I really loved how you presented your thoughts.
This was creative, funny and showed a true warrior's heart for teaching. Putting a message into rhyme cannot be easy, but you've done it so well.