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Just delightful, and I don't like rats at all, as a rule.
This story delighted and surprised me! Wonderful dialogue.

It took me awhile to realize the characters were rats. I wondered at first what a man would be doing sneaking around a Sunday school class for food--especially since, at first mention of the six babies, I assumed his wife volunteered in the church nursery! It all came together for me about halfway through, though. Very clever!

The title also drew me in--a personal name in a title always sparks my curiosity.
What a sense of humor! This was a very good story. Don't think I've ever read anything from a rat's POV before. Wonder what little creatures watch us during our Sunday School class? Hmmmm.....
Couldn't believe I was rooting for rats as I read the story! Love the unique take on topic.
Delightful and fun! Very, VERY creative take on the topic - you had me wondering what Bartholomew was from the beginning - at first i thought he was a dog, but then I was CONVINCED he was a person until the end. Good stuff!
Creative, unique, fun. A thoroughly enjoyable read.
This was so much fun to read. Great dialogue and descriptions and definetely a creative take on the topic. Loved it.
This is a great read and a lot of fun. Loved when he "stood on the book".
Church mice — how delightful! Great story.
I really enjoyed this creative piece! SO cute, cute, cute!
How wonderful!! I loved the list of the food he found--hehe.
Great story. I could picture it all the way through even though I was wondering what sort of critter it was about. An very enjoyable read. Good job.
You and I should get together (see Secret Worshipers in beginners for the Worship theme)Hee Hee! This was really cute, loved your characters! Keep up the great writing. Be blessed!
Cute, creative and a fun, fun read. I like the angle you took on sharing this story!
This is very creative. We must think alike, though, because I did figure out the "hook" pretty early. Nevertheless, it was fun to read, and a very creative job with the topic.
What a fun Sunday School adventure! I liked Bartholomew, he was so fun, especially when he found 'food'. A half eaten gummy bear, etc. ^_^ Great writing!
Very well crafted and interesting story! I love the characters and plot!
A complete delight!!! I smiled through the whole thing :)
Absolutely delightful. Your writings are a blessing here. Long may they continue.