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Nice stream-of-consciousness, an engaging read.
I liked that you wrote this as a prayer and it sounded natural.

What happened next? I want to know if the character overcame his fear. (Guessing he did.)
Good introspective story--I liked it a lot! My daughter was baptized as an infant, then later as an adult. I think one needs to follow their heart on this. What is truly important is that one confesses their faith before others. Baptism is spiritual and the water symbolic, regardless of what some people think.
You kept me interested from the first line to the last. Your title is a lesson in itself on the subject of baptism. Great job!
I really enjoyed getting "inside your head." (It's a nice place, by the way :D) You kept me engaged throughout.
You wrote this well to keep me the reader reading!
I liked this one! Very creative and down to earth sort of feel. I liked being able to 'see' the thoughts and follow the reasoning with them. Very realistic. Good writing! ^_^
Joanney, this is just wonderful. It's like being inside the MC's head and following the train of thought through to the end. This is so very good.