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Cool. I liked the simplicity of the story. Reminded me of one of my school friends in the sixth grade who wanted to be baptized , but unfortunately we Christians were the ones to stop her, saying that she was from a non Christian family and hence could not be baptized.

Denying the gift of Baptism to a person is denying them Jesus. I liked the story a lot and I guess that when ever I think of Baptism, I will relate to this story. Great job. Keep writing.
Love the title, love the authentic dialogue.

FYI--door jamb, not jam.

This is a really well-written story.
You created memorable, realistic characters. This story also has realistic dialogue and good pacing.
An original and very clever take on this topic. I thought it very funny. One more comment: if Eric were dying, I'd say baptize him right away. Since he wasn't, he really ought to be baptized in front of a congregation of believers. But this is fiction, so O.K. Great writing.
This is really sounds so college-like!