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You absolutely pulled me into the scene. Excellent sense of place - and what a fun read. I wouldn't be swept out of that church either.
Charming and humorous story!
This was hilarious. Thanks for the laughs.
What a well told delightful story!
You made me laugh out loud with this one! Excellent job! I love the fact that she did get the wig on-backwards. What a hoot-great job here! ^_^
Love it. That last line is priceless.
You have a special gift for humor and detail. Love this!
Very this guy a real preacher? Sounds like a fun loving man.
Deliriously delightful. Enjoyed the nice pace of things. Felt like I was right there watching from the back row.
It(laughter)really does do good like a medicine. This was very humourous. I really enjoyed it. Only one thing I would change would be the second "as was his custom" it rang old by the second time. Other than that a sure winner.:)
This is hilarious... what a fun read.. I love the projectile shoes.. and the whole baptism scene. Where is this church anyway! :)
A good chuckle with this one...well written, thanks for the smile.
What a hoot. Great tone,and well written, too. Nicely done.
Too creatively funny! Great story tellin'!