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Really cute! The title grabbed me right off. What a fun take on how our children are influenced by what they see.
This is a delightful poem. It sounds like a personal experience. You see I know these things from experience. As a pre school aged child I dunked my grandmothers cat in the cow's watering trough. God disciplines thoes he loves and so did grandma. Thanks.
Oh wow. That just made my soon as I got done reading it, I sent the link to my mom with the question of, "Can I do this?"

Alack and alas, I was told no. Thanks for sharing!
True to form, true to plot. Great job. :)
Really adorable!
Just darling, and TOO fun.
This is SO darling!!!! I'm laughing and crying at the same time. This summer, my daughter and niece decided they needed to baptize Wilbur the guinea pig with the hose in the lawn. It brought about some pretty good discussions on the subject. So will this rhyme! darLING!
Very cute poem! Poor kitty:)
Oh my goodness, this is the cutest this! Move over, "The Cat In the Hat!" This is just too adorable for words. Can you find an illustrator and publish it? My grands would LOVE it! Super duper funny and well- written!

Love it! I would NEVER be brave enough to try this with either of my cats — bleeding isn't my favourite passtime. Very good.
Humorous and absolutely delightful. I hope the cat was declawed!
Oh, I enjoyed this piece! "Hope no cat was harmed in writing this." LOL
I absolutely loved this poem! This is a winner in my opinion.
LOL! I have to laugh out loud at this. Simply too hilarious! Good job. ^_^
Very cute. The illustrations for this would be priceless. Very creative job with the topic.
This cat was blessed. I got our daughter just before she baptized our cat in the toilet.
Another really great read from you. I love your kitty baptism. Thanks for the smile.
As the proud owner of 4 cats, I could so visualize this one! What a hoot. The little child was awesome! Great writing.
This is so cute. It brings back memories of a time I tried something similar with a neighbor's cat...who reacted about the same way before my mother came to his rescue. :) Thanks for sharing.