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You let us into a world that is all too common these days - I know, I have been there, I have been Jenni. thank the Lord He revealed Himself to me otherwise I would not be writing this today.

Thank you for an honest protrayal of what the 'other side' looks like.
You led us to feel the depth of her pain. It left me with a gut wrenching sadness for all of the lost youth out there. This is good writing. Thank you.
Your opening paragragh was excellent.It described so well the way in which people focus when under the influence or in the heat of anger. Very well done with powerful and descriptive words.
May JESUS help us to see that people are hurting and need HIM. Thank you for writing so brilliantly and letting us get a glimpse into their pain.
Only one person could have written this story as expertly and with this much moving detail. (I won't say till guessing day!) An excellent piece. The best I've read so far.
Not an easy story to read but you write with precision and compassionate that makes me care for your character and want more for her than a bleak future.
Very talented writing for such a young age. I hope that in real life you have been able to bring hope to the kids stuck in this kind of life.
I agree - you definitely have "it" - what it takes to succeed as a writer. Excellent portrayal of pain - evoked all kinds of emotion. Great writing.
Blessings, Lynda
Well done, bravo.
This was a real insight into other's lives - which is one of the things writing can do - transport us elsewhere. It makes me realize afresh how important my faith is - life is so empty otherwise. You've written well and brought out the real emptiness in a Christless life. Sounds cliched, but true. Thanks for sharing.
Hi Kyle. Just a very quick message to let you know that your entry was in the semi-finals for the New Year Challenge. There was such strong competition for this challenge that anyone who made it into the semi-finals really does deserve to be congratulated. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Yes, it's very dark, and very well-written. And I must admitt, a happy ending wouldn't have made it better. :)