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Certainly there are pitfalls to Christian fellowship and yet it is so important to the health of the Body that we commune one with another. The adversary, knowing this, will place stumbling blocks in our path - divide and conquer is his motto. May the Lord shed His love abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Thanks for writing that is both timely and eloquent.
This article has made me question myself. Nicely written.
I can tell this writing was therapeutic for you. You definitely gave me much food for thought.
Much food for thought in this article. The only critique I have is that Quotes were left out of the quotation - making it diffiult to know when the movie was over and the next thought began. Very in depth article...nicely written.
Yes, I also have been guilty of manipulative behavior from time to time, so I include myself when I say we all need to search our hearts and motives when our fellowship with other believers tempts us to sway someone’s contrary opinion to our way of thinking. True fellowship, after all, should mimic the tolerance, acceptance, and forgiveness that Jesus so lovingly displays to each of us all the time.

Great ending. Something Christians should hear over and over. And over.
Unfortunately, the dark side of fellowship routinely raises its head so that people really wonder if "the church" is behaving as it should or is it just another organization.

Once, as a deacon on a board of 12, I cried through the whole meeting because The Holy Spirit was grieved with the hearts of the people. Others thought I had lost my mind but I ended up leaving that group because I didn't think we resembled Jesus at all.

I don't know if that decision had any impact but I couldn't be a part of anything that would offence My God.

Well done!