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Excellent job of characterization, and of the change, especially, in John. When I read this the first time, I wondered if the two scenes were too different to mesh - but now I'm convinced they were just right. You absolutely excelled at showing the miracle of John's transformation. Wonderful.
What a beautiful story. "It Is Well With My Soul" is one of my favorite songs -- and you brought tears to my eyes picturing this little girl singing. Nice job with the topic.
I really enjoyed this story! Terrific dialogue--I could just hear that feisty elderly couple. The tragic nature of what lay behind John's crankiness caught me by surprise, but is also beautifully described--as is his reaction to the little girl up front. Very moving!
Beautiful story. Great character development and "voice." Good job.
Really heartwarming and good characterization. I've known some Johns and they usually turn out to be teddy bears once God melts the crusty outside.
What are you trying for here, some sort of record? Go ahead and add my name to the list of those who were choking back tears with this one. Well done!
Wow! It is a tear jerker.
Lovely reminder that we must never take people at face value but rather try and understand the reason for their behaviour.
Lovely, touching, memorable and a blessing to read. A fine job of portraying the topic of "worship". Kudos!
Awwwwwww...pulled on the ol' heartstrings with this one, and it takes some doing, as my heartstrings are pretty tough. Good job.
I had trouble reading through the tears after "She wore a scarf over her head..." You really made me care about John. This one got me. Glad I didn't miss it.
Well the least you could do is post a tissue alert. This is so touching. I loved it, even though my mascara is ruined and I have to leave for Bible study in a few minutes. Very well done.
This story had it all -humor, charm, drama, and emotion. Very well done.
One of my favorite for the week. Love the lyrical writing...descriptions are crisp.