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This is a well-told and realistic depiction of what in-fighting can do to the church body. I thought the part with Gary's pew was a nice touch at the end.
It's good to be reminded that someone must make the first move, and what a way he did, by asking for forgiveness, I loved it.
Wonderful story of reconciliation begun and a reminder that without it, worship can't happen. Good work.
This was a good story. I've been through problems in churches and could relate to this pain.
This was a moving story. Too often stories like this in life don't have happy endings, but by God's grace they can...
It should not be so in the gathering of God's people, but sadly it is too frequent. This is what happens when we forget why we gather. But thank God for the seeds that remain in the plowed and disturbed ground. Good job.
This piece was very well-written. It spoke of healing, and isn't that what worship brings to us?!!
When people disagree, it's good to know they can come together again, if they can still reach out and forgive. Congregations are made up of individuals who need the Lord just like anyone else. We can tsk over it because it's a church body, but the truth is we'll never be far from our old sinful nature until we reach Heaven.
Having twice served as church secretary I could empathize with Beth. The two churches were different as night and day. In the first the members got along beautifully for the most part. The second was a different story, though not as drastic as the one you described. I think perhaps it was prayer and leadership that made the difference.
Beautifully, thoughtfully written. Congratulations on your win!
Karen, I liked the way you allowed the emotion to build in this piece and the small details you offered to bring it to life. Good writing!
Congratulations on your EC. This is very inspiring, and very well written.
Congratulations on your win. Great writing. I could really picture everything that was going on.
It's sad when churches split, but this story had a positive ending. Great job, and congratulations!