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Ooooh, I don't think I like this message:) You've stepped on our feet.

I really like this: "I interrupt to stand with her in my arms. I pause to look, hiding her eyes. He pauses for me, I draw their stares. I turn her face to him, “Look. Do you see the Lamb?” “I see the angels crying rain.” And so…I bowed to him, and with her held dear, turned to face a rainy day from elsewhere."

How very brave of you to write something like this. You have very good analogies.
Wow - I was absolutely drawn into this piece. A very, VERY convicting message masterfully presented. Excellent.
Guilty. So guilty. This has a powerful message. Very well done.
WOW! This was so well the heart of this message and so applicable to today.
Such a feast here and strong meat at that. Sometimes it takes the flip side to get our attention, show us what worship is not to show us what worship is.

I want to hold this thought so that next time I start to criticize in secret I will remember I am openly wounding my Lord.
Sometimes we need to know what worship isn't to better understand what it is. Good job.