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I loved this story!!! Delightful portrayal of the colorful individuals on the camping trip--I could just see and hear them and felt as though I were there. It reminded me of the summers when I got to be a counselor at a camp for "exceptional" children--the kids I remember at that camp were just as diverse and colorful as the ones described here.

Intriguing title that sparked my curiosity. Also loved the original opening: "Hog..."

Great message too about God's unconditional love for us. Great job!
Out of the mouths of "babes." We have one of these dear people in our congregation, and sometimes her simple faith puts the faith we have made so complicated, to shame. Good work.
I love this story. So funny and sad at the same time. I work with kids just like this everyday and can't imagine taking them camping -- oh my! I love Iris' prayer. Wow!
Great title that lured me in; then the humorous way this writer spelled out the interesting array of individuals present. I marvel at the patience of those who take on this duty, job or what you might call "their heartfelt calling". God holds them dear to His heart, I know. Great work, good story and fun read. Kudos!
The dialogue and description is very well done, and the end is touchingly true.
I'm sorry I missed this one the first time around. The tender humor and down-to-earth character of your writing and story are well-deserving of your EC placing. Good, good work!
Congratulations on your EC. This is a very creative story. Nice job with the topic.
This was really cute! I loved your strong beginning, and I especially love Iris' prayer. Too precious!